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FCJ Angels Network Partners with Mumbai Angels, India’s Venture Investment Platform

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The partnership between the networks aims to strengthen both the Indian and Brazillian ecosystems, generating opportunities for startups seeking global growth.

Last week, Brazilian professional angel investment network FCJ Angels Network announced its new partnership with Mumbai Angels, India’s venture investment platform. According to the CEO of the Brazillian network, this is an unprecedented agreement for FCJ Angels Network and which, in addition to strengthening the ecosystem, will guarantee an amount of angel investor capital that only a few startups in Brazil have access to.

“As our relationship evolves, this partnership will generate many opportunities, in addition to angel investment, as knowledge exchange, international expansion of our Brazilian startups, and support to startups invested by Mumbai Angels that want to do business in Brazil through Bridge Brazil, FCJ’s Soft Landing Program,” says Daniel Goes, CEO of FCJ Angels Network.

With investment in over 130 startups, more than 30 exits, and over 600 professional investors, 100 of which in the last year alone, Mumbai Angels works actively to develop the Indian ecosystem and global reach with investments in Australia, South Korea, and other countries outside the Indian market. According to an article posted on July 29 on the Business Insider portal, Mumbai Angels plan to invest in more than 500 startups over the next  three to five years. Annually, the Indian network receives from 8 to 10 thousand investment pitches.

Daniel Goes explains that FCJ Angels Network acts as a business partner as it has already done the process to evaluate angel investment in startups. “The important thing about this partnership is to understand that there will always be a network of Angels here and another there, exchanging information and helping to build the scale-up movement of these startups that will be invested by the Angels of both networks”, said Goes. “For us, it’s not just about money, it’s about knowledge too. And this shows that FCJ is concerned with the future of an entire ecosystem and with the creation of new startups that will become great organizations in the future, with the idea of those who want to conquer the world, and that’s why it makes sense for startups to internationalize and grow”, says the CEO.

The first contact between the two networks took place about two months ago when Mumbai Angels showed interest in a partnership through FCJ USA. “Since it is a large, strong, and agile communication ecosystem, the director of operations for the United States, Cris Madureira, quickly called me to carry out the agreement. We had great first contact, and the negotiation advanced”, said Daniel.

Regarding the role of angel investors in the startup ecosystem, Daniel Goes said that this is also a strategy to popularize this type of investment here in Brazil. Furthermore, “when it comes to attracting investment, a Venture Capital fund always comes with more rigid rules, while the angels are more flexible. Therefore, accessing angel investment in the magnitude of tickets made by Mumbai Angels makes a lot of sense and is a vast value lever for startups. The Angels end up occupying a relevant position as a value lever for Startups and in the internationalization process”, explains the CEO.

Through this partnership, FCJ network startups can connect with international angels who want to support global entrepreneurship. “We will receive international startups invested by Mumbai Angels Network that want to enter the Brazillian market, and we will be Mumbai Angels’ preferred vehicle to access all the countries where FCJ does business”, concludes Goes.

FCJ Angels Network creates, professionalizes, and manages Angel Investment groups with world-class methodologies and processes, so that angel investment is accessible and safe for everyone. Moreover, it is responsible for all FCJ angel investment groups, a multinational company that pioneered the venture builder licensing model. FCJ Venture Builder is present in the United States, Mexico, and Europe and plans to consolidate itself as the largest Venture Builder in the world in the coming years.

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