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We are a venture builder that helps established companies, governments, and NGOs develop new business models through innovation.

Who we are

FCJ is a multinational venture builder founded in 2013 in Brazil. We have evolved into a prominent venture builder, working with companies across diverse industries such as agriculture, health, education, retail, logistics, real estate, and finance sectors.

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Since 2013, we created 44 venture builders that have:






startup B2B clients


startup B2C clients

Our proven venture-building framework

100% custom, done-for-you investment model that helps you raise capital and reduce risks

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Create a CVB to run the innovation program

As the first step, we create a company—a corporate venture builder—that will be running your innovation program as an independent entity with you as the main shareholder. FCJ will act as your business partner and invest its resources to set up and support the newly created CVB as a founding shareholder to mitigate your risks.
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Raise capital to operate the innovation program

To keep your investment low, we help you raise the necessary capital to operate the CVB, which will invest its resources in the startups through an investment holding in a corporate structure.

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Determine company’s objectives

Before we start searching for the right solutions, we identify the problems: your company’s pain points that the newly created CVB will be solving. By prioritizing those pain points, we’ll ensure that you’ll see the positive impact of the innovation program faster.
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Pick the right startups

We’ll hire a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals who will pick the early-stage startups with innovative solutions that will help your company solve its pain points. You’ll be able to participate and make decisions at any stage of the selection process through a selection committee.

Silvana Novais

“FCJ was the only one among other venture builders whose methodology sounded coherent to us”

In 2019, we started an internal project with a goal to promote competitiveness in agribusiness chains through new technologies and digital transformation. But when we tried looking for the suitable startups ourselves, we couldn’t find any solutions that were mature enough.

However, to successfully work with the early-stage startups, we’d need to find a company with the expertise in corporate innovation and early-stage solution development.
We reached out to several venture builders, and FCJ’s venture building methodology was the only one that sounded coherent to us.
Originally, our goal was to have 30 mature startups within 5 years. With FCJ’s help, we’re now on the way to reach our goal twice as fast.

Silvana Novais, Superintendent

Thiago Aguiar

“What would have taken us 6 months, FCJ had accomplished just in 20 days

We were looking to get away from our business model of 24-hour ATMs and diversify our cash flow. Specifically, we were seeking exponential technologies like bots, AI, and blockchain that would allow us to build highly scalable business models and enter new niches in the financial sector.

If we had to scout and select the startups ourselves, it would have taken us 6 months. FCJ did it for us in 20 days. They also took care of setting up the CVB, hired the CEO, and raised the first round of investment.

The model FCJ built for us is flexible and fits our needs perfectly. We were also impressed by how warm and friendly their team was, which gave us an additional sense of security.

Thiago Aguiar, Superintendent of New Platforms


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We create a win-win environment based on transparency and trust

One of our main principles of conducting business is transparency. We are in a high-risk market where to succeed, everyone involved needs to be committed. And transparency is how we guarantee the commitment and trust of the investors, startups, and employees.

We truly believe in creating an environment where everybody wins. In our venture builder model, we are all co-founders. This approach creates a win-win partnership for all sides and ensures a great deal of engagement and support from the corporations we implement the innovation programs for as well as their staff, which also brings additional equity investment that contributes to the programs’ success.



       Paulo Justino
        CEO and Founder

Our expansion team

Cris Madureira

Cris Madureira
Expansion Director, North America

Flavia Guerra

Flávia Guerra
Expansion Director, Europe

Marcos Knosel

Marcos Knosel
Expansion Director, Brazil

Work with us

For established companies

Innovate cheaper & faster

Create a custom, done-for-you innovation model to get access to the necessary technologies that will help your company grow.

For founders

Validate your offer

Get an opportunity to test your offer with a real client. Increase the chances for your startup to scale with our expert knowledge and resources.

Companies we helped innovate & grow

We work with companies in many different industries: from agriculture, health, education, and retail to logistics, real estate, and finance sectors.

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